Ascent Scholarships

Thank you for your interest in a scholarships for Ascent . It is not Ascent’s desire to know the financial differences of families when considering scholarships, rather trusting the family needs. Along with trust, Ascent would like to ask a couple of participant requests to help build responsibility, gratefulness and return generosity. Ascent’s desire is for participants to show this by giving back in some way to their community.

Scholarships are available in connection with 2 requests for the participant to fulfill.

  1. A letter/email from participant describing why they want to participate in the adventure program(s) of interest.

  2. Ascent participant volunteer service hours. All students seeking scholarships will be asked to complete 6 volunteer hours through Ascent within the following year. This can be done at community parks, schools and non-profits. Ascent will have planned events to help start the process.

Below is a diagram showing how many tier 1, 2, and 3 scholarships Ascent awards as well as the monetary differences in scholarships. To apply please fill out the form below.

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